Thinking about buying a 2013-2015 RR Evoque

Thinking about buying a 2013-2015 RR Evoque

This is a discussion on Thinking about buying a 2013-2015 RR Evoque within the Evoque Forum forums, part of the Evoque Discussions category; Looking at around $33k USD for a 2013-2015 RR Evoque but have several questions in the area of maintenance expense and also which type of ...

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    Thinking about buying a 2013-2015 RR Evoque

    Looking at around $33k USD for a 2013-2015 RR Evoque but have several questions in the area of maintenance expense and also which type of transmission I should be looking for.

    1. What is 13MY and 14MY? I have read a few people saying 1 is better than the other, but what is the difference and how do you know the car you are looking at is a 13MY or 14MY? I don't see that on any of the ones I am looking at.
    2. How much is an oil change? Does dealership have to do the oil change? Can mom and pop shops do this? I take my BMW to a BMW mechanic, not a dealership which is much cheaper
    3. How much is a rear and front brake change with and without rotors?
    4. how much are you spending to replace all 4 tires? They are all 4 19 inch tires right?
    5. Any other general problems and their prices would be great!!
    6. What has broke on your Evoque and how much did it cost to fix?
    7. Is it easy to work on yourself?
    8. Is maintenance more expensive than a BMW? I have a 2007 3 series and I find it to be quite expensive so I do most work myself.
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    Morketh, Welcome to the forum.

    1. A MY13 Evoque has a six speed auto transmission. Starting in MY14, Evoques are equipped with the ZF nine speed auto trans.
    A lot of folks don't like they way the nine speed shifts. There have been several software updates to make it shift better.
    The date of manufacture is on the sticker on the driver's side door jam. Of course, a MY14 could be manufactured in late 2013. You can always look at the VIN number. If the 10th digit is a "D" then it is a MY13. If the 10th digit is a "E", it is a MY14.
    2. At my dealer here in Northeastern Ohio, just an oil and filter change is $146. If you have the cabin filter, engine air filter changed the cost can add up quickly. I believe the labour rate is $130/hour.
    There is nothing special about changing the oil, EXCEPT, that you must remove the front under tray, to get at the drain plug, and the oil filter. Don't think a quick lube would want to get into doing that. But you could always ask. I wouldn't take one of my cars to a place like that, but that's just me.
    3. I don't know what the cost of brake service would be.
    4. Go to and look up a set of 19" tires for an Evoque.
    5. We haven't had any issues with our MY13 Coupe, but it is a garage queen with only 9,000 mile on the clock.
    6. See number 5.
    7. No new modern car is easy to work on these days. An example is, if you don't put the Electronic Parking Brake into service mode, and try to change the rear pads, you will be in deep trouble!
    8. The Evoque would be on par with the maintenance costs of a modern BMW.
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    Just as a FYI...I just changed the oil in my 2013 Evoque. The tray drops down very easily. The access to the drain plug is very good. The oil filter is a little hidden by what I believe is an intercooler hose but you just slide it out of the way.

    6 quarts of synthetic oil and a quality filter is about $50.00

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    I test drove a 2017 to get a feel for the 9-speed transmission, preferred the 6-speed and bought a 1-owner, full-maintenance history, loaded up 2012 with 65,000 miles. Down-sized from an LR3, definitely doesn't feel like a truck, but loving the agility and features.
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    Any mechanic that is decent can do service on these cars. I buy my own oil and the filter from the LR dealer and pay my mechanic $20 to do the oil change.

    I only had to replace the rear brakes, I got some aftermarket brake pads for $50 on eBay and had my mechanic change them. All new cars have the electronic brake, my M5 has it the A6 has it, its no big deal. I paid him another $40 to replace the pads. The maint is really easy on these cars.


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