Dealers ripping off annual maintenance

Dealers ripping off annual maintenance

This is a discussion on Dealers ripping off annual maintenance within the Evoque Forum forums, part of the Evoque Discussions category; I'm pretty sure I'm getting ripped off by the dealers in my city. Their annual service includes more than the manufacturer's requirements and the prices ...

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    Dealers ripping off annual maintenance

    I'm pretty sure I'm getting ripped off by the dealers in my city. Their annual service includes more than the manufacturer's requirements and the prices don't seem to make sense.

    The first dealer wanted $1,000+ for an oil change and showed me a list of 20 items that were also required. Being unfamiliar with them, I googled them and they were obvious top ups that scam autoshops use to inflate the bill.

    The second dealer charged about $450 and while that's still highway robbery for what should be an oil change and pollen filter change, I expect being ripped off a little for buying an expensive car and servicing from a dealer.

    However, I went to the same second dealer again this year and this time the invoice items look nearly the same but the price just went up to $700. They obviously present it formally and as their fixed price and give you free coffee so I wasn't sure what to do but pay it. But 50% inflation?? Don't even know how to complain about this.

    There's a third dealer but that guy wanted to charge me $100 for an admin item (email /contact information change) that Land Rover did over the phone for free. So I'm not holding my breath that he'll do an annual maintenance at a reasonable price. They are in the poshest area and I'm sure they need to cover their sky high rents on my back.

    I've been with BMW for 15+ years before this and have never felt that they were trying to gouge me, being deceitful, or had their own interests above my own, but with these Land Rover dealers I don't trust them at all based on their actions to date. There was a reasonable BMW premium and there was consistency between shops and they always treated me well.

    I'm considering going to a non-Land Rover trustable auto shop but the impact to the warranty bothers me and the inability to do the software upgrades bothers me. But as my wife points out, with these prices, if something were to go wrong, I could afford to pay out of pocket with the savings I'd get going to someone else.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences... I'm at a loss of what to do and could use some help.

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    I have dealt with the local LR dealership one time for a warranty repair and I didn't get a great feeling about them. I think they really try to jack up the price because they feel like LR owners will just assume "this is an expensive car so maintenance must be expensive".

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    In my own experience, the first four years of owning my Evoque (2014) seemed relatively trouble free. Then the warranty expired. Since then, annual service went up. For my four year service, I paid (if I remember correctly) something around $1200.00. And that was for minimum service. I could have spent 4K if I went with "premium service", for which all they added was a "special treatment of the fuel lines and gas tank to eliminate water from ethanol use". Where we live, ethanol isn't as big of a component of our gasoline, so really unnecessary. Oh, and they wanted to redo all my brakes, because the rear's were down to 3mm. I went to a local brake shop after this visit and they said don't worry about it until they get to 2mm. JLR wanted to charge another $1200 to do the brakes. I've also had to pay out of pocket for the passenger seat repair which was stuck in the reclining position. This only cost $375.00 to remove a piece of selvage trim that was caught in the gears. A piece of leather that shouldn't have been there in the first place, due to build quality issues. As far as mechanicals, I'm not too concerned, since pre 2016 Evoques have Ford Ecoboost engines, but I can see electrical issues and other niggling things on the horizon.

    Starting to think about trading in for 2020 model. When the car is out of warranty, then it starts costing money.
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    Sorry to hear all your expensive experiences...

    Hope this helps for future maintenance. I buy 6 quarts of oil from LR dealer for around $60 and the filter and oil drain bolt for around $30 and do the oil change myself. Simple as any other cars I’ve owned so 1.5 hours tops. **just make sure you buy the oil from the dealer.

    Brakes I just buy hawk pads from autozone (you can buy from any reputable seller) for $150 for all four and did them myself. All 4 took less than 3 hours. With the rear you just have to put the vehicle on service mode and you can easily find that on a google search.

    I’m not a mechanic, just mechanically inclined and I follow YouTube videos.

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    Tantalus, Don't feel alone. I came from the Acura brand (2 RDX AWD and 1 MDX AWD) and I was given just about the same quote you were. Oil change, lube and filter at 30K with brake flush and pollen filter was $464. And Acura was under $300 for all of the same. And that was the cheapest dealer around in the Chicago area. Two others LR dealers were throwing in other items they claimed were recommended and estimates were $650 and the second dealer in a fairly posh neighborhood was $1039 for the 30K service which included a 4 wheel alignment. (I took the car to Firestone for $89.00 alignment after my new tires were installed.) I have heard from friends that BMW is an expensive vehicle to maintain. Well, I can quickly see where this is going to go.


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