Had Q255 Jan 2014, engine cutout Oct 2015

Had Q255 Jan 2014, engine cutout Oct 2015

This is a discussion on Had Q255 Jan 2014, engine cutout Oct 2015 within the Evoque Maintenance forums, part of the Land Rover Evoque Garage category; Hi all. I've followed the "wet weather+acceleration=Engine restriction" issues for some time. I bought my Evoke in June 2012 and took it in for servicing ...

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    Had Q255 Jan 2014, engine cutout Oct 2015

    Hi all. I've followed the "wet weather+acceleration=Engine restriction" issues for some time. I bought my Evoke in June 2012 and took it in for servicing in January 2014 for what I'll call low-speed, high acceleration engine lag. Sometimes when sitting at a stop light or waiting to turn across traffic, when I would quickly accelerate to cross the street, the engine would "lag" and I'd have a near heart attack from no acceleration in the middle of my turn as traffic came at me. So anyway, as a result they applied Q255, which is the same fix used for the wet weather acceleration problem. I don't recall if it was rain related (hadn't read this forum yet to be aware, so I didn't even think about it), but I live in a high humidity, high temperature place in the South. I didn't have any problems after the fix.

    This weekend, 21 months after Q255 applied, while driving through hard rain, it happened--RESTRICTED ENGINE LIGHTS AND POWER CUT DOWN. Scenario: It had been raining for a day before I left for my 6 hour trip, and continued raining (steady) for the duration. After about 3 hours of mostly 2 lane, 65 MPH cruise control, I came upon an old Chevy pickup doing 50. Followed him for a few miles at 50, then when the road cleared accelerated to pass. Halfway through the pass, my engine decelerated and the Restricted light came on. Great timing on a two lane road, but at least nobody was coming at me. My Evoque could keep a speed of about 60, which was enough to get past the truck. I was in the middle of nowhere farmland but knew there was an intersection with a gas station and motel up ahead a couple miles, so I continued on. The engine was sounding horrible and missing but it would go 60. I pulled over at the motel was listening to the engine--running very rough. I got on the internet and searched "restricted engine" or whatever the dash warning said, and found a thread that said just turn it off and restart. I did, and everything worked fine from there on to home 3 hours later. Thanks internet! I didn't try to pass anybody again.

    I'm calling my RR dealer tomorrow, but just wanted to report what happened, and ask if anybody has had this AFTER the Q255 was done? My service invoice for the Q255 says:

    8 rivet - blind
    1 Mesh - radiator

    So if the screen that folks talk about is the "mesh" shown above, I believe I already have that.



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    My 2013 Evoque is post Q255 with 20,000 miles. On one or two occasions I've experienced a dramatic cut in performance while driving. Each time restarting the car has solved the problem. As you know our Evoques are controlled by complex computers, and as with computers a restart is often the solution to a software glitch. It doesn't indicate there is anything wrong with the computer. We're no longer analog (meaning a mechanical system with a part failure) its a digital world. In your case you were in a dangerous situation when the glitch occurred. Just wait until the near future with the utopian promise of self driving cars - when the car's computer has such a momentary software glitch.


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