Possible diesel for the US!

Possible diesel for the US!

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    You shouldn't have to stop just because the pavement does! 2012 Range Rover Evoque Pure Plus Coupe, 2009 Land Rover LR2 HSE traded, 2008 Land Rover LR2 SE traded.

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    frickin' boneheads should have included it at launch like ROW. sheesh.


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    So is big oil or the EPA to blame for the US not converting to diesels like most of Europe? I think both are in the cookie jar.

    My first diesel pickup I filled with fuel at .80 cents per gallon. Now after low sulfur and emissions the price is around $3.50/gallon.


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    I have wondered why we didn't have the same diesels as in Europe for a long time. The answer isn't as straight forward as one might think.
    Here is a quote for an article I just read on the subject.
    "A recent assessment by the American Petroleum Institute, an oil industry trade group, found that federal taxes accounted for 24.4 cents per gallon
    of diesel but only 18.4 cents per gallon of gasoline. In Europe, where in many regions about half of the cars on the road run on diesel, these tax incentives are flip-flopped, with diesel drivers reaping the economic benefits accordingly."

    I think the American car/truck buyer has, until recently, had an unfounded aversion to diesels. Also, it hasn't been all that long ago, our diesel fuel was way too high in sulfur to run in the
    high efficiency European diesel engines.

    Hopefully times are changing, and the high MPG diesels will make up more of the vehicles on American roads.
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    The tax issues go back to the Reagan era and the trucker strikes, unions etc. Those big taxes on diesel were punishment for union "misbehavior". Now they're too stupid to see past the past and reproportion the tax revenues for gas and diesel to level the playing field again.
    Until recently the mileage differences, esp in trucks didn't quite give enough positive return for the initial investment. NOT ANYMORE.

    Real numbers from last week. Wife and I drove down from Maine to CT following each other at 80mph in Maine for 2+hrs and 75 rest of way. Has to do with a totalled car that has me ordering the Evoque

    My 2011 X5 Diesel got 25mpg. Her 2008 Ascender (Trailblazer twin) got 19-mpg on regular but it cost $9 dollars more to fill Ascender over the ~325 miles driven. Add up those savings over 100000 miles --->$~$2700!!! So let's say Range Rover gets smart (finally) and lets us have a 23mpg gas burner(BTW which is premium burning at present) or a 28-30 mpg diesel. Over 100000miles we could be saving $3000-5000in fuel. But the best part isn't the mileage, its the way a diesel pushes you back in the seat with all its torque. My tuned X5d has 525ft-lbs/tq available at ~2200rpms!
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