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    Hey all!

    New here and new to RR world. So please bear with the simplicity and specificity.
    Am contemplating of trading in my 2011 335 for a 2013/14 CPO with less that 40k miles.I have always bought CPO, so naturally thinking the same here. Here to pick you experts thoughts before I commit -
    1. Whats the typical cost of ownership for 2 -4 years? How much do regular oil changes cost? How often do we need brake replacement?
    2. Is it worth adding an extended maintenance? if yes, how much does it typically cost?(plan to finance it into the price)
    3. I read a lot about transmission and electrical problems with RR. With the 4 cyl. engine, is evoque less prone?

    I plan to finance through their FS to get the special CPO rate. Anything else I need to be wary of?

    Thank you and have a great day!

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    Skris, Welcome to the forum!

    1. If you only have the dealer change the oil and filter it should cost around $150.00. This does include some standard checks of fluids and brakes.
    If you have ALL of the checks done listed in the "Passport to Service" booklet that comes with the vehicle, it will be substantially more. If you have the dealer change the cabin pollen filter, air filter etc. add even more. I only ever had the dealer do an oil and filter change, I can do the rest myself.

    2. Extended maintenance( warranty ) is like life insurance, you're betting you're going to die, and the insurance company is betting you won't. If it were me, I'd put back the warranty payment, and then use it if I needed for a repair. Just let it accumulate into a tidy sum, if it isn't needed. Just my thoughts.

    3. JLR went to the new ZF 9 speed transmission in 2014. There have been more issues with the nine speed than with the 6 speed in the MY13 and older models. I don't think all 9 speeds have had issues, just a crap shoot really.

    I've had zero problems with our MY13 Coupe, but it is a garage queen and a grocery getter for my wife. Only have 8,500 miles in four years, so I'm not sure you can judge much from me, as we haven't put 10s of thousands of miles on the car.

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    I've got 23Kmi on my 2015. Other than the sunglass holder breaking (replaced twice under warranty), the car has been flawless. My lease is about to run out, and it appears that for my buy-out price, I can probably get a slightly newer, 2016 with less mileage- so I'm probably going with that. Slightly updated styling and a few additional options (like the gesture control auto hatch ) on the SE Premium which I think is similar in spec to my Pure Premium.

    Oil changes are only at 10Kmi increments, so not a huge expense. at 20Kmi I paid the dealer $300 for an oil changes, changing the interior filter and whatever else they did. The only time I paid for any maintenance in two years.

    the 2.0T engine is from Ford. it's ubiquitous in Escapes and other vehicles and having spoken to Ford people- it's a great engine.

    the ZF9 transmission improves gas mileage, but at the expense of responsiveness. Granted, the vehicle has paddle shifters and a sport mode, which I seldom use. For me, the Evoque has plenty of power- although sometimes it takes a few seconds to find its power.

    Wary of? it's a little small- if that's ok. not the most comfortable or quietest of small SUVs- but it is the coolest looking, hands down. Is the X3 a better vehicle? probably, but it's just as expensive and not very good looking.


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