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  1. Timing belt

    Hi all, Got my first RR Evoque 2013 last week with 41,000 miles. Does anyone know if the engine has a timing belt or timing chain? Does it ever have to be replaced? Thanks! pureplus
  2. Transmission Fluid Flush/Change

    Evoque Maintenance
    Hi, I'm reaching 93,000 miles and wanting to do a transmission fluid flush/change. It's a 2013- US edition. I'm new to this site so if you need any more info, let me know. Thanks!
  3. 2013 Range Rover SUV

    Evoque Forum
    New images of the Range Rover SUV just came out. It takes a page from the the Evoque, most notably the interior and center console. I like it. Maybe when I grow out of the my current Evoque, I might upgrade to its big brother. What do you guys think...