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  1. Change battery yourselg?

    Evoque Maintenance
    Hi, I need a new battery but I was told to make sure they hook the memory "thing" up before unplugging old battery. So when I went to Advanced Auto Parts they were about to change it but I mentioned this and they said theirs was broken. I got nervous and decided to wait and get advice. Anyone...
  2. 2017 500 miles. Dead Battery?

    Evoque Forum
    Went to Hawaii for 10 days and the car is dead. Had to use manual key to open door to open hood. Have had car for 1 month and this is the second time. Last time it was 4 day weekend and the low battery alarm was going off so we started it. This time, totally deal. Key fobs no where near the...
  3. Best replacement battery brand & model?

    Evoque Maintenance
    The stock battery on my 2012 Prestige is starting to give me problems, and my dealership admitted that the LR batteries were not very good. I am not going to pay $350 for an exact replacement of the same battery that is apparently known to be problematic. My service rep at the dealer...
  4. Second battery

    Evoque Forum
    There is a second smaller battery under the hood close to the windshield. What is this battery for?