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  1. Brake Vacuum Pump Fuse?

    Evoque Maintenance
    So my wife and I had a brake failure on the highway yesterday... which was fun. I have tested our vacuum pump with a gauge and we aren't getting any pressure from it. A couple of questions. 1. Does the vacuum pump run on an independent fuse that I can check or replace? 2. How much should I...
  2. Rear Disc Brake Rewind Tool

    Evoque Maintenance
    2013 Evoque Need help locating a place to purchase a disc brake rewind die/tool. The rental units at the auto parts stores (in Michigan) do not have 3 pin die with the correct spacing. I have searched the web and found what appears to be the correct die/tool but they do not list Land Rover...
  3. Evoque Rear Brakes Wear

    Evoque Forum
    I took my 2012 Evoque for the first major service and was advised that my rear brakes were 70 percent worn. The Rane Rover workshop advised I should change. The car has only done 30000km!!! ( I have already had a minor service at 10000Km)I have never heard of a new car having to replace rear...