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  1. Evoque Forum
    Hi all, Purchased my ‘16 EvoqueSE Premium (two-door) used with about 30k miles. Trying to determine if these two separate noises are “normal” or anything to worry about. First is a faint pinging noise when accelerating at times or going up hill. I’ve only ever used 93 octane gas but obviously...
  2. Evoque Maintenance
    Hello. The exhaust fumes are very strong when I first start my 2012 Evoque up from a cold start. There's approximately 125,000 miles on it at the moment if that helps any. Any ideas of what I should check for? Thanks in advance!!!
  3. Evoque Forum
    Hi all, Relatively new Range Rover Evoque MY12 owner here; my first car. I've got a missing bolt in the engine bay for one of the supports and wandered if someone can help me with the right part number for the correct bolt. Please see the picture attached. Thank you and kind regards, Eesa
  4. Introductions
    Hi all, Got my first RR Evoque 2013 last week with 41,000 miles. Does anyone know if the engine has a timing belt or timing chain? Does it ever have to be replaced? Thanks! pureplus
  5. Evoque Forum
    Hello, I just purchased my first 2014 Evoque! Really loving the car so far.. just one question. When stopped or in park the engine has a slightly audible tick/noise coming from it? There is also a very small vibration in car while in drive and stopped. Very small tho. I’m not sure I would...
  6. Evoque Forum
    My Evoque often seems to be in the wrong gear. It doesn't downshift soon enough, which seems to create a strain on the engine. i routinely find myself using the paddle shifter to downshift. It is most noticeable in city driving at low speeds. No problem when accelerating fast. The car also...
  7. Evoque Performance
    Hey, Picked up my Evoque yesterday - cruising through the forums and didn't notice anybody had uploaded a link to Hamann's Evoque. Not sure if all the parts displated can be purchased but definitely worth a look. :cool...
1-7 of 7 Results