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  1. Evoque Forum
    was driving today and got a message that said two wheel drive only - traction reduced. then when i went to park the car, the gear knob was stuck in D and would not rotate to park (or rotate at all for that matter) I cut the engine and restarted and now it won't move at all. knob will not move...
  2. Evoque Forum
    I bought my 2014 Evoque last year in May of 2016. I have had multiple issues with a message "Gearbox Fault" when going start it over the last year. I brought it into the dealership and they kept if for 1 week and could not figure it out. They gave me my car back. It had done it sporadically...
  3. Evoque Forum
    Hi Everyone, My 2014 RRE Prestige that I factory ordered in Oct and arrived in Feb is at the dealership getting an entire new transmission that they had to send from the UK. (*This "fantastic" new 9-speed transmission was one of the reasons why I wanted to wait for the 2014 and order it>) 3...
1-3 of 3 Results