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  1. Evoque Forum
    Pulled into my garage today and the shifter dial remained stuck in D. Unable to turn it one way or the other. Able to press the dial in as it would to go to S, but still will not move. Engaged the e-brake and shut the car off. Went to turn back on and now I can't even turn it on as it gives me a...
  2. Evoque Forum
    In short , Is it better/practical to use command shift more often when reducing speed or should I hit the breaks more often ? I mean is it safe for gear box to use command shift more often ? :confused:
  3. Evoque Forum
    My Evoque often seems to be in the wrong gear. It doesn't downshift soon enough, which seems to create a strain on the engine. i routinely find myself using the paddle shifter to downshift. It is most noticeable in city driving at low speeds. No problem when accelerating fast. The car also...
1-3 of 3 Results