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  1. Evoque Forum
    While we are generally very happy with our Evoque, we have found little "issues" that pop up. Many are the same that you find posted on here (blind spot, inability to use Garmin, EZPass, etc) but I haven't seen this one unless it's posted under something else. I went out to the car this morning...
  2. Evoque Forum
    My iPhone no longer plays music via Bluetooth, though it displays the tracks etc. This happened after my iOS 5.1.1 iPhone update. My wife did not update and her phone works fine still. Looking around online it seems that many car brands have similar issues with iPhone after the update, with...
  3. Evoque Maintenance
    I noticed that when going 60m/h or more, the windows/wind screen starts making little crackling noises, almost like a "mice behind the wall" sound. A very soft sound of paper or tin foil crackling. My wife noticed it as well.... Has anyone had the same issue?
1-3 of 3 Results