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  1. Evoque Forum
    Hi All, New to the LR community as I’ve just recently purchased a 2016 Evoque Coupe with 32k miles. I’ve wanted one for a while and found one from an online dealer that had low miles. Before you ask, yes I bought the warranty 😂. I’ve had a coolant leak that was repaired because of a loose...
  2. Introductions
    Hello! I've been an admirer of Land Rovers/RangeRovers for a long time, started with my love of the Defender90 many years ago. Could never afford one so I would take my daily neighborhood walks past a house in my hood where I knew one was always parked. I'm a gear head from the time my foot...
  3. Evoque Forum
    Hey guys - I'm looking for a small size SUV and fell in loooove with the Evoque. Going to test drive one tomorrow, in the meantime, quick questions for you Evoque owners: 1) Does it have Remote Start? (Living in New England...tough to get inside a freezing car...) 2) Are the tires "Runs on...
1-3 of 3 Results