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  1. Evoque Wheels & Tires
    I have been searching the interenet for some Kahn rims for my Evoque. I am getting the 19 inch tires on my Evoque in June, but I was thinking about upping the tires and I didnt know if there was a difference. I love the looks of the Kahn demo Evoque, and I want to try to make mine as cool as...
  2. Evoque Forum
    The Evoque squatted just a little too low for my standars. Getting in and out was also made more difficult with its stock profile by putting your rearend practically on the ground to slide in to the drivers seat. Is it a sports car or an SUV? A simple, safe, non-comprimising suspension...
  3. Evoque News
    Welcome to Evoque Forums dot net - A discussion forum dedicated to the all new 2011/2012 Range Rover Evoque. This site was created for all Evoque owners and enthusiasts to learn, discuss and share knowledge of the all new SUV from Land Rover. There are many areas of discussions ranging from...
1-3 of 3 Results