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  1. How much to replace Windshield

    Evoque Maintenance
    I just got an insurance quote to go from my 05 Xterra to a 12 Evoque, and it almost doubled the price. I was thinking because of all the toys, like the heated windshield, which I hear is about $1800 to replace. Does anyone know how much these are to replace. I am worried about the longevity of...
  2. Evoque Navigation System Sucks

    Evoque Forum
    I have been driving my new Range Rover Evoque Dynamic for over a month now. I just love the car. I have got so many compliments from total strangers that I lost count. Biggest negative of the car is the Navigation system. It just sucks. It's slow, finding the useful information takes time and it...
  3. Range Rover Evoque hot-weather testing

    Evoque News
    It's 43C in the desert and the rolling sand dunes in Dubai feel a million miles from the shiny, air-conditioned showrooms where most customers will see their first Range Rover Evoque. The hot-weather testing taking place now, even at this late stage in the day, can have an effect on the cars...
  4. Vanessa Minnillo Promotes the Evoque

    Evoque Forum
    Nabbed to host the automotive brand's latest launch event, Vanessa Minnillo was front and center for Range Rover Evoque Live in New York City on Saturday (May 21). The global interactive music event was held as part of the Pulse of the City Campaign to launch the all-new 2012 Range Rover Evoque...
  5. 2011 Range Rover Evoque - Australian Pricing

    Evoque News
    In brief Three trim levels are available across the range: Pure, Dynamic and Prestige. The Pure features 17-inch alloy wheels, LED fog lights, climate control, push-button start, cruise control, rear parking sensors, a 5-inch display in the instrument cluster and seats trimmed in part-leather...
  6. The Range Rover Evoque Featuring MagneRide Damping Control Technology

    Evoque News
    The Range Rover Evoque will feature the BWI Group's third generation MagneRide control technology. A twin-wire dual coil actuator has been added to the system to provide faster response and a greater range of damping control, which will deliver high levels of traction, stability and comfort...