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  1. Evoque Forum
    Hi everyone - I have a 2020 evoque which was bought when brand new. It is now c 14 months old with 10000 miles on the clock. About 4 weeks ago I went to start the car and it was dead, with the exception of the rear tail lights which were on and flickering (had to use the key to manually open the...
  2. Evoque Maintenance
    Hi Folks I wonder if anyone can tell me where i am going wrong, I can connect to my 2013 Evoque with JLR SDD v130 and enable engineering mode to give me full access pic1, I can then upload the config file read it and enable or disable any of the options i want pic 2, i can then select to...
  3. Evoque Forum
    My navigation is mute on my 2017 Evoque. The dealer claims that they are waiting for a software update, it's been 60 days so far. Anyone else have this problem? how did you overcome it?
1-3 of 3 Results