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  1. 2020 Range Rover Evoque Stalling when coming to a stop.

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    Has anyone else had issues with their 2019-2020 Evoque stalling when coming to a stop? This seems to happen at completely random intervals regardless of whether the auto start/stop is on or off. When the car stalls "Select Gear to Manuever" is displayed for about one second on the dash and the...
  2. Transmission and Turbo Charger Failing 125k miles

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    About six months ago my Evoque indicated a Transmission Fault Error on the dash, and at the same time the turbo charger started to sound like if the manifold had a leak. I had to go in for an emergency major surgery so the car became a secondary issue I couldn't care less. In the past six months...
  3. Transmission Fluid Flush/Change

    Evoque Maintenance
    Hi, I'm reaching 93,000 miles and wanting to do a transmission fluid flush/change. It's a 2013- US edition. I'm new to this site so if you need any more info, let me know. Thanks!
  4. 2014 Evoque Gearbox Fault

    Evoque Forum
    I bought my 2014 Evoque last year in May of 2016. I have had multiple issues with a message "Gearbox Fault" when going start it over the last year. I brought it into the dealership and they kept if for 1 week and could not figure it out. They gave me my car back. It had done it sporadically...
  5. Transmission Slipping - problem?

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    Don't know if this is normal, I owned many cars and never seen this. When its below freezing and I drive my RR within minutes of startup the RPM runs higher in every gear without the speed being faster, like its slipping much more than when hot.(all auto trannys slip a bit all the time)...
  6. Shifting and engine cooler fan question

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    I just had the transmission recall performed to soften up the shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear but now it shifts hard from 1st to 2nd. Has anyone else experienced the herky-jerky shifting in the lower gears? And, does anyone else have their coolant or engine fan turning on and off often? These...
  7. Hard Shifting Transmission Issues, Keep After Rover

    Evoque Forum
    I know I have read on here about many of you having issues with the transmission shifting hard from 1st to 2nd and vice versa. I have had this issue with my 2012 Evoque Dynamic since purchasing new and have taken it in on 3 occasions only to be told they couldn't replicate the issue. Recently...
  8. 2014 needs a new transmission!

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    Hi Everyone, My 2014 RRE Prestige that I factory ordered in Oct and arrived in Feb is at the dealership getting an entire new transmission that they had to send from the UK. (*This "fantastic" new 9-speed transmission was one of the reasons why I wanted to wait for the 2014 and order it>) 3...
  9. Transmission Problem

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    My Evoque often seems to be in the wrong gear. It doesn't downshift soon enough, which seems to create a strain on the engine. i routinely find myself using the paddle shifter to downshift. It is most noticeable in city driving at low speeds. No problem when accelerating fast. The car also...