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  1. Evoque Maintenance
    2013 Evoque. Turbo is starting to whine louder and louder. Anyone replace the Turbo them selves? If so any pointers?
  2. Evoque Maintenance
    My parents Evoque 2011 2.2D went to limp home mode. They got the car to an authorized Land Rover workshop. They are on the turbo blown and must be replaced. It will cost 3600 Euro. I think it's too expensive. The turbo is from Borgwarner. I wondered if someone has replaced a turbo for Evoque...
  3. Evoque Maintenance
    My engine light came on and I had the code ran, it says turbocharger has gone bad. Has anyone experienced this? Cost to have it replaced? Possibility of DIY? I'm struggling a bit with the whole idea.
  4. Evoque Diesel
    I am purchasing and evoque with 2.2 SD4 automatic. The car will arrive with in a month or two, I was wondering that is there a way to boost up your engine performance. I have found this online. Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2.2 SD4 190 PS 420 Nm | Diesel Tuning with CHIP Express™ It seems too...
1-4 of 4 Results