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2013 Evoque Si4 3 door, with 10,000 KM. Automatic

I've been battling with this "skipping" under acceleration. It sounds like as if the ABS has been triggered, but without any deceleration that would be experienced with ABS being activated. It is as if the opposite happened, that the wheels "slipped". The "skipping" happens (when it does) between 1-2 times per second.

Happens always under "light" acceleration when coming from start.
Happens usually more when turning a tight turn or a normal 90 degree left or right turn
Happens sometimes under medium acceleration from start (1st gear) up to 3rd gear
Happens less at higher gears
Happens on flat roads and also dirt roads
Happens regardless of DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) on or off
Seems to happen more after starting the car and less after the car has warmed up (I'm not completely sure)

I have changed all 4 ABS wheel sensors without any change.

It would be great, is some the experienced minds here could suggest some possible faults that may be hiding

Appreciate it!!
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