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I do a lot of biking and my rack fits within a 2" receiver. The dealership wanted $1200 to install one so said no way. I read a lot of posts online about the Curt hitch (Part # C13128) not fitting correctly and that concerned me. I then read another post that they had changed it and had a new part number but then kept reading that they did not change the part number but did make changes to the hitch.

So I took a chance and ordered one from e-trailer and for less than $150 US the hitch arrived at my house in 3 days. The instructions said it was a 30 minute job. It was not. the hitch clearly did not fit and required that I drill the holes out about 1/4" on each side. In the end it came out just fine but it did take about 2 hours to do it correctly. Definitely worth doing yourself if you have an assortment of larger drill bits and some files to widen the holes.
Again, the hitch will never tow anything, only used for my bike rack so I'm not concerned about having a bit larger hole. If I were to do any towing, I would not feel 100% about this as a solution, I would likely have sent it back.

hope this helps others who are figuring out this solution. Here is a picture of the finished install with the bike rack on it.


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