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My vehicle is approaching 70K miles, hence I figure it's time to replace the "lifetime" tranny fluid. It's a 4 cyl, 8 speed automatic. I watched a coupla YT vids, and bought ZF Lifeguard Fluid from Atlantic British (5 star experience.) The lower plug is ez to find (T-40 star bit,) and the side fill plug, on a 45° angle (T-55 star bit,) is partially obscured by the fender liner. I removed a couple of the 10mm nuts holding the liner in place to afford improved access.

When the drain plug was removed, only about one liter of fluid drained. I then attempted to pump in fluid via the fill plug but it would not accept fluid, even when pumping very slowly. What's going on here? - why won't it allow fluid to enter (unlike Andre Aquareds' video on YT portrays.)

To refill, I resort to pumping the new fluid in via the (smaller) drain plug.

Can anyone explain why fluid can't be pumped in via the fill hole?
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