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Sequence of events:
Sat - No start (extremely hot 115 degrees) Jumped, brought to Autozone they tested battery and said it was testing good, slow start when testing. Ran for 30 mins, turned off for 30 mins, 1st try no start, 2nd try slow barely start.
Sun - No start, jumped again ran for an hour. OBD codes:
P0658 Actuator Supply Voltage A Circuit Low
P0560 is defined as System Voltage Malfunction
P2544 is defined as a Torque Management Request Input Signal "A"
Mon - Started on own slow start. Cleared codes, drove, tested again codes didn't pop back up. Ran for hour+ Tested battery 12.3 off, 14.6 on.

Was pretty sure I was going to be hunting for a wire issue but not so sure after it started on its own today and codes didn't pop back up.
Any suggestions on what to do next for a notice?
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