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Hello Evoque Friends,

My first post, also my 2nd day with this new vehicle for my spousal unit..

Car is great, however I have a very odd issue that was just discovered. The passenger side rear door appears to have no power. Power locks, windows and lights do not work on that door only. I can open the door and lock it manually form the inside, but other then that no functionality.

Since the vehicle didn't have a manual, I was unable to see if this is something as simplistic as a fuse.

Your help is appreicated!



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First, Welcome to the forum!

Can't answer your lack of power question, but... Are you aware of the "special" compartment in the glove box to house the owner's manual
and other documents? Several others have said they didn't get a manual with a pre-owned Evoque, only to find them in this compartment.

The compartment runs along the top of the inside of the glove box. You press a button, and it drops down to access the manuals etc.

May be worth a good look, just a thought:)
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