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First time poster here so sorry for jumping straight to a question. I did search, which is how I found this forum, and I'm a member of a few Facebook groups but nobody can answer my question.

Ok, so I recently bought a used Evoque. I've had it for less than a month. I knew it had brake problems and had both rear rotors replaced and all of the brake shoes. The parking brake squeaked before and still squeaks afterwards.

I'm assuming this just has an electric actuator to press the normal brake shoes against the rotors, or does it have separate parking brake shoes? I didn't change those but it'll make a squeak most of the time I use it, whether by putting it into park or by manually using the brake handle.

I had my brakes done at a Pepboy's and they said the actuator was a "special order part" and was over $400 when I see them on Amazon for around $200. I also don't know if I can just lubricate it or use some anti-squeal to get rid of the noise as it otherwise works just fine. It sounds like maybe something is just off tilt a bit just enough to make a squeak. I can't find any video with the same sound on Youtube, either.

Thanks for any help!
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