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2014 Evoque Gearbox Fault

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I bought my 2014 Evoque last year in May of 2016. I have had multiple issues with a message "Gearbox Fault" when going start it over the last year. I brought it into the dealership and they kept if for 1 week and could not figure it out. They gave me my car back. It had done it sporadically through December and then stopped. I have called multiple times to the dealer and they keep on saying there is no problem. It seems that it takes 45mins to 1 hours for the car to reset and then its back to normal. I have started traveling more, and I will go to start the car and it is stuck in park and will not let you switch to "D" Gear or anything. I called the dealer and now they are saying that it is out of warranty and that i could bring it in for diagnostics.

Ive done a lot of research over the months, and it looks like its a known problem, but no definite fix. It comes down to this:
NHTSA Item NumberSGI14-47
SummaryLand rover: 2014-2015 model year range rover evoque: 9 speed automatic transmission calibration, poor transmission, warning message, lack of power, unable to select drive or reverse when the vehicle is in park. *lj

Curious if any one has had the Gearbox Fault issue and described just like mine. Any help is greatly appreciated since this is my first car in the Range Rover family. Any way to fix this or am I SOL?
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Hi, my evoque has the gearbox fault also. The car will reverse but won’t drive. If I put it in drive, it makes a squealing noise. Any advice welcome. Second time in a month it has happened. The garage said they reset it on a machine last time then it worked??
I had the same thing. How did you fix it?
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