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2016 LR Enovque
98k Stepdaughter driving to LR dealership Friday, completely shut down
Towed it to dealership, They state camshaft broken, cost of repairs 18k, she has gotten every oil changed at a LR Dealership
They say would give her 12k for it, site i seen until GM retracts offer after finding out it was in with a dead engine so to speak
He says she misrepresented, but she went into floor dealership, salesperson says can I help out, she says yes my car is here in the service dept, they walked to the service dept, finding the service person, salesperson grabs some papers not sure what she grabbed, but then she starts writing it up to sell it, so Now we have this Envoque at their dealership that doesn’t even run, any ideas of what to do
My stepdaughter was fourth coming and not misrepresenting in any way
So we are out 12k and now she has no car being 4 hours away
I’ve read some issues with the crankshafts and camshafts, i’m not a mechanic, seems terrible this expensive car can’t make 100k miles and now it’s our problem
Anything would help
Thank y’all in Advance! ofcourse it’s out of warranty

Mike A
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