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5,000 km report
[HR][/HR]So the Evoque has past the 5000 km point and I have a few thoughts.

Not an interior squeak or rattle at all

There is an intermittent noise from an exhaust shield from time to time, mostly when cold.

the sport mode really livens the car up and it almost becomes fun to drive... i have had a copilot with stop watch time 0-100 km in 7.0 seconds....i'm pleased

The mileage has been similar to my WRX but the car has been driven enthusiastically during this time and mostly in "sport"...ripping through town at 7000 might result in a police car pulling you over, but the car sounds cool when you engage manual flappy paddle shifting where it wont shift automatically unless you trip the 7000 rpm mark

Th exhaust note is nice in the car...not too distinct outside the car.

the hill descent is wonderful...reminds me of going down steep slopes with my 52 Willys in low...very nice

heated steering wheel is the best thing I have ever had on a car

I called to make an appointment to change the oil only to be told that the first change is 26,000 km.... i'm too old skool for this long interval shit...synthetic or not...guess i should have read the manual.

I am told there is not a drain plug and that the oil must be suctioned out...i going to crawl under tomorrow to verify this.

the music system is second to none in a production car...same system as installed in McLarens...luv it

rear camera is better than most and indicate your line of travel when you turn the steering wheel...quite nice

front and rear parking sensors are nice when parallel parking

blind spots are less anoying than the WRX...that was a pleasant surprise...it certainly looks like blind issues would be a problem with this car but the HUGE mirrors work wonders.

when you put the car in reverse to back into a parking spot, the side mirrors drop down so you can see the lines you are parking between...great idea, but I gave it a good shot before I disabled that feature... I found it too annoying and distracting

The biggest surprise/disapointment was the windshield...it has a fine mess (think screen) imbedded as a full windshield heat feature...works great, distorts approaching lights at night (BAD), doesn't allow satellite to penetrate so forget your NUVI (BAD) and worse, the electronic toll highway407 transponder wont work through the glass.... if you see Evoque owners holding their transponders out the window going down the 407 near Toronto Canada, you now know why.

Storage is ample

rear seat is not as comfy as the front.... probably ok for kids, or adults for short drives...the dog loves it.

navigating the touch screen seems to have been made more complicated than neccessary...it is a nice 8" screen but too many levels and too many ways to adjust things.

so far the car runs and drives as well as it should

traction control with different choices for different surfaces works really well....i drove it in rutted mud where other cars...perhaps even jeeps would be stuck and once i was mired i pushed the mud/rut setting and drove the car out....this is outstanding... i had my CAA card ready because i wasn't sure i would get out.

here are a few links to videos that show some cool aspects of the Evoque


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