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Hey guys,

I picked up my RRE on Monday 6th February 2012. Firstly, LR - what a car!!
I don't want any flying cars of the future or cars that go on water or any futuristic rubbish like that... the evoque is all I want and all one should ever need! Owning an Evoque is a requirement of mankind now!

Some thoughts on the car:

- The drive is superb. One of the best cars I've ever driven and its fantastic for what has been called an SUV. Great to drive, TD4 isn't as bad as I thought it would be and is much much better than what I was expecting. I test drove the SD4 and I honestly cannot tell the difference in normal driving although that could be due to more city driving than longer distance driving. The auto gear changes work well enough and to some extent quite glad its not an 8 speed gearbox or anything along those lines.

- Its a fantastic looking car. The colour combination has worked out really well including the interior and I couldn't be more happy with it. I got a free upgrade to 19" alloys - either a factory mistake or LR just felt generous (my money and house is on the factory mistake). Either way - I'm happy and I think the ride on the 19s would possibly be the best of all sizes while still maintaining a relatively good look by not looking too small either. I think its a perfect mix. Having said that I want 20" Kahn RS Wheels....

- Seats are very comfortable for a basic spec pure with no upgraded memory seats. Getting into the car is such a pleasant transition, perfect height, seat almost "welcomes" you into the car with a fantastically laid out interior - simple yet very elegant and classy. Plus everything works so thats a bonus. The mood lighting in the centre of the car isn't as bad as I thought it was given the number of people complaining its not vibrant enough. Its quite good in the centre console except the lights in the door could be better - not really fussed to be honest though.

- Reversing camera is super quick - not sure why everyone has become very unhappy with it. Takes a second really to switch on even if its just after starting the car - maybe thats a software update that was done when the car was built and was fixed after the initial batch of cars, not sure, either way, works perfectly for me. The side mirrors are surprisingly helpful enough to give you quite a good view of the surroundings and often I reverse/reverse park without really having to use the camera - only check the camera to see I'm not running over anyone, relatively important I guess

- Panoramic roof in the sunshine of Perth is stunning. Sat in the back recently in the evening during the sunset - the feel of the interior is completely different. its sensational. The car opens up and feels amazingly spacious. Its possibly the first option anyone should tick when they order one.

- Fuel safety system is very handy to protect the lady drivers in the house from "unintentionally" putting in Petrol instead of Diesel - despite the big yellow sign saying... DIESEL.

- The driving position is amazing. It gives you a great feeling of presence on the road... the thickness of the steering wheel, the general aesthetics inside the car and the location of all the buttons etc make it an absolutely fantastic drivers car. You sit in the car and feel like you're on top of the world. I don't believe in Feng Shui or whatever, but even those that do believe in it... would feel it is perfect. It gives you such a great feeling and makes you smile!

- Here's the thing, the accelerator pedal absolutely annoys me. It reminds me of a Toyota Corolla hatchback I had years ago. I hate that its not stuck to the ground like VW's or Mercedes or BMW or Audi. Noted, those are all German - but its stuck down on ALL of them cause it feels better when you're driving. It really does. Something I just have to get used to I guess. Also the footrest has been talked about quite a bit - entirely agree its not that helpful/useful/driver friendly. Having said that, I'd buy the car over and over again even though it does annoy me.

- Haven't really driven around long enough to determine how fuel efficient the car is but the first 650kms (400 miles) have given me about 8.2L/100kms which includes a lot of city driving (34.5mpg?) I expect that to go down significantly in another 2000kms or so. Lets see how it goes.

- How are rear air vents NOT STANDARD!!! LR Australia charges $190 for rear air vents... WHY! its $190 (130 quid). At least put that in for free!

- A little bit of extra storage would've been nice like under the seats or somewhere inside on the rooflining to put sunglasses etc. There's also no handles on the inside of the car which is a bit strange. Doesn't matter for the driver but the passengers lack of handles above the windows was very confusing. Again, should be standard on every car made whether its a LR or a Hyundai.

- Some lumbar support would've been nice on the drivers and passengers seat. Doesn't have to be electric or anything, manual would've been perfectly fine. I'm not too fussed but its things so many cheaper cars have as standard. The lack of front passenger height adjustment is a bit nonsensical. Then again I will be driving it most of the time

- Carpet mats are close to useless - there's nothing premium about them except an evoque badge. Plan on getting some super plush premium evoque mats or... rubber mats.

There seem like a lot of cons but to be honest most of them really involve the passenger and not me, the driver haha! Apart from the pedal issue which I will just have to get used to, everything else are quite petty issues really. To be honest even if they didn't fixe those issues I would go and buy another evoque tomorrow because it is an absolute work of art!

Anyhow, I've attached some pictures. Got a contrast roof with Xenon's on a pure for those interested on availability of these options on a Pure.

Here's the link
Range Rover Evoque - a set on Flickr
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