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Hi all,

I've a '11 Evoque Coupe 2.0 Petrol with all options apart from Automatic Park.

7000 miles so far (weekend car :)) and recently got a message coming up on the dash "Adaptive Dynamics Fault" but it disappears once the car is stopped. The only change I can feel/see is that the Adaptive Dynamic system would turn off, regardless of which Special Program is selected. This can be re-selected when the vehicle is stopped but is automatically disabled whenever the message pops up again. The closest Land Rover dealer is about 500 miles away so I rely on a local garage who has always been very good.

Did a diagnostic and the errors are U043A & C110C. Going to have the wires checked this weekend but would be helpful to learn if anyone else had this problem since a Google search only turns up Jaguars owners facing this problem.
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