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I have quite a list of things that needs tending in this Evoque. I purchased the vehicle used and i'm on my 3rd or 4th month into it.

--I took the vehicle in(Dealer) because it seems to lose some power after shifting to the next gear. All this time I thought this was Turbo lag of some kind. But I'm starting to believe it's something else. Even when slowing down to a stop, when coming down from 4th gear it kinda jerks me forward as it steps down. Doesn't happen all the time but after about 15min to 20min of use it's not so evident. Anyone have an ideas or suggestions I can pass onto the dealer? They seem like they don't know what they're doing(as they ruined my seat latch)

--Within about a month of ownership, the passenger latch broke. When I took it to the dealer they bent that latch out and couldn't fix it. They left it bent out and now it doesn't sit flush with the surrounding. Anyone have a way to fix this? The cable has jumped off the latch and just needs to be reattached.

--The time I had it at the LR Dealership they said I need a TCM, PCM and Battery adaptation update. Because the battery is aftermarket(BMW Battery), this is causing my car to lose power(their words). Which to me makes no sense, and if I get a LR OEM Battery; would that fix all these needed updates? They sorta pointed at the battery as the main issue why the car is acting up. So I called other dealerships hundreds of miles away and they said as long as the battery is equivalent it shouldn't be acting up.

--When retracting the moonroof, it gets stuck and at some point slam-winds open. It's as if there isn't enough lubricant in the tracks and it seizes up unless i push it a little, then it winds up fast and a harsh

--Suspension! Mine seems slightly bouncy, worn out. Will there be ANY issues if I replace the struts myself? I'm assuming my version of the Evoque doesn't have the electronic suspension. Can anyone suggest struts or complete sets?
Bilstein B6
Bilstein B4

--Does anyone have any recommendations on rotors and brake pads? I'd like to replace all of them. There is SO much brake dust it takes just 3 to 4 days to coat the wheels in brake dust.

My Warranty: CarShield - New Car Diamond Coverage
Pictures: I can take pictures and videos of all this, let me know!
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