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Hello All,

I have been driving an Isuzu Vehicross for 12 years. It's been terrific ; has handled well in the snow and has given minimal trouble. But it is long in the tooth and I have decided to move forward.
As in the VX forum, there seems to be an informed group of loyal drivers here at this forum and I've looked through a lot of the posts.
Seems that the Evoque may be the reliability change that people have hoped for in Rover.

But overall, I was wondering if you could help with some questions, and forgive me if they have been repeated:

- Just how counter intuitive is the Nav system ? My friend has a RAV 4 and the Nav system is a huge pain in the butt

- Are the electronics reliable? I have just noticed some "idiosyncrasies" such as with the screen, reverse camera etc ?

- Any concerns that would have you regret your choice overall ?

Thanks for your patience and thoughtfulness in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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