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OKay.. had to admit my previous biased feedback as a first time RR buyer so I owe more detailed, unbiased feedback after 4 month of driving..
Pros: (1) much better car in general than I expected.. comfortable, quiet, sexy boxy looks that lots of females taking their smart phones flashing on me (..Evoque..not me)..
(2) 4500 miles with no reliability issues, drove well thru a couple of winter blizzards in the Midwest in the US, very confident driving feel in heavy snow compared with my previous SUVs (X5, Touareg, H3)
(3) awesome Meridian sound.. now I can hear every detailed sound from iPod and CDs that I haven't heard from Bose headsets..
(4) thought those cameras are just money wasting..but NOT.. very practical in a tight parking spot (highly recommended)
(5) very smooth/fine sprays from front windshield nozzles.. and a very logically working rear wiper..(had to try several times though to understand its pattern of working)
(6) windshield UV film.. never bothered.. and.. that front windshield heater is.. Wonderful!... melting ice very quick..
In the past, owned BMW 330 ic, X5, M3, Mini, Mercedes C 280, Acura RL, 370 Z, Hummer, and currently own Audi A 4 Quattro 2.0 T and Mini Coupe

Now.. my complaints..

(1) as many of you stated, ECM needs to be worked better, many mentioned re-mapping but.. when it is going to be happen here in the US??, Some suggested "Sport" mode, a little better than nothing.. not much help in local driving though..
(2) To use engine break in a slippery road, only sport mode will give that option...not cool
(3) again ECM issue... engine has its own temper, boosting its power abruptly around 2000 rpm, my wife almost hit front vehicle... inconsistent throttle mode... not quite understand why.. My Audi 2.0 Turbo rarely does this..
(4) a little more refinement please... can feel engine vibration on steering wheel, but not with my Mini Coupe
(5) engine doesn't sound like 50K car... well because it has Ford 2.0 T engine... right? X5 and Touareg were awesome...!
(6) in reverse gear, can't control (or turn out) music volume.. feel like in a reverse gear, every electrical wiring focused on its rearview camera
(7) not a complaint but a suggestion, when cruising into cozy parking garage.. sometime I love to stay & listen Jazz for a while when ignition is off.. but when engine shuts down, lovely music is gone...not very touchy for a premium luxury brand
(8) side mirrors are big but very well designed but it blocks side view when making turns...
(9) why not Auto Dimming on side mirrors?? Even not an option...for a 55 K luxury car???
(10) Still missing Mercedes awesome dealer service...and BMW nice customer waiting lounge..
(11) heated side mirrors.. the way it kicks in... still not making sense and RR should explain better in the user manual
(12) driver seat is squeaky...

Bottom Line: well made/good looking/practical driving machine in a bad weather.. but it needs more refinements to compete with German luxury brands- Q5, X3, GLK
But...I will definitely consider to purchase another RR near future...

thanks for your time!

RR Evoque 2013 4 -door Prestige Santorini Black

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Excellent review of numerous issues. I especially dislike that the radio shuts off when the car is shut off. Should have 5-10 minute delay unless you open your door. Computer issues have improved in the last year and hopefully they will make further refinements this year.

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my whole interior makes noises at this point. the worst is the seat belt noise in my left ear and the pass. seat back squeaking every time i hit a bump. oh.. and the pass. door speaker crackling... and the fluttering whistle that comes from nowhere when im slowing down.
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