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When I was in for routine maint, I mentioned to the dealer that I had noticed an occasional "very slight" pull to the left the last couple weeks. The technician drove it and said that my Evoque needed a realignment. This is apparently not covered past 12,000 miles, and I was quoted $220 for it. It seemed steep, and my local garage quoted $90 for it, so decided to go there. I have an appointment at the local place in 1 week. The dealer seemed to pressure me a bit, saying that the alignment issue is "severe". I am not very mechanical, but I barely notice the pull, only enough that I thought to ask about it. Sometimes it is completely absent.
My questions are:
1. Is the amount of obvious pull or drift to one side directly related to the amount of malalignment? Therefore the dealer is being "dramatic" to get me to do the work?
2. Is $220 a bit steep for the dealer to do the work, and would my local garage (a trustworthy and skilled mechanic) do as good a job as the dealer? Is the Evoque different in some respect that requires a LR experienced tech to do the work?

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