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So, over the few weeks I’ve had the car, I have noticed a slight grating noise from the engine compartment when accelerating.
Not having had a 4X4, or a diesel, or an automatic, or a Range Rover before, I wasn’t even sure if it was a noise that shouldn’t be there or not.
As Guy Salmon Wakefield JLR have started back at work this week, I booked it in under warranty to let them investigate. They told me the noise I heard was from the heat shield or heat shield bracket that was catching, and they had replaced the bracket & sorted the issue.
However, they said they had in fact found a more serious problem, in that the Balance Shaft bearings were dry, and that was causing another noise (that I hadn’t noticed). They are ordering a new Balance Shaft (I have no idea at all what that is).
They wanted to keep the car until next week sometime when the parts would be with them, but I asked if it was OK to drive it & they said yes, so I took the car back & it‘s going back in when they have the parts.

On another post recently I read how rudely a couple of forum members had been treated either in person or over the phone by their JLR dealership. I can say I have never been treated as nicely by any car dealer as I was today, & you would have thought I’d bought an SVR the way they spoke to me.

Not impressed that a couple of faults Like this occurred on such a new car, but very impressed with the way they dealt with it.
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