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OK, 2012 range rover evoque pure. 125k miles

So first of all I'm not an automobile mechanic.
I have an issue with my brakes. Going down the highway at 70mph and then coming to a stop is completely possible given I don't release and press them again. After the first press the brakes will become firm and from what I've read this is because of a fault in the vacuum pump.
I've removed the vacuum pump which is a fairly simple task, but I found nothing wrong with it. ( no dislocated shaft from the Cam.) and moves freely.
Also I had read that if the oil becomes dirty and too thick it could have the same effect. Which could make sense given I had just made a trip to Big bend State park in Texas. (about 100 miles offroad @30 mph if you haven't been there). Well I just changed the oil myself. Noticed nothing unusual, except the filter is a bitch to get off. I'm guessing the last few oil changes haven't gone through this step. haha lazy people.

Well I'm out of ideas. So if you have a crazy idea let me know how you fixed it or if you think you can help. I will keep you updated if the brakes become as good as new again. And what I did to resolve the issue.
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