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So this is really the first time I purchased a pre-owned luxury car (From the actual dealer), and I have learned a couple of lessons.

1. Test drive a couple of different Trims, to ensure you aware of what the differences in features are, that may influence your decision on what to buy. For instance, my SE Premium did not have the Meridian Sound System in it, which appears to also exclude the better Head-unit and CD Player.

2. I didn't notice until recently, when waxing my car, that the passenger side front quarter panel had been through some type of repair and repainted. You wouldn't notice, unless you took a real close look. You can tell that the previous owner probably went the cheap route based on the quality of the job. This was obviously missed by the dealer some how. Plus there were no accidents 'reported'.

So basically, don't let the excitement and anticipation of buying a really nice pre-owned car, distract you from looking over the car with a fine-toothed comb. Since the car was only 3 years old, with less than 12K miles on it. I had made some assumptions that I shouldn't have.
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