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I've recently bought myself a (new to me!) F30 BMW and after doing some research via the forums I purchased my self an esys cable (£15), downloaded the required software (free) and started to code/enable features in my car

To date I have:

Added Enhanced Bluetooth support (enables streaming of audio over BT + office integration for SMS and email etc) - this is a £300 option !!
Added video in motion and from USB and unlocked all DVD regions
Removed annoying disclaimer messages from reverse camera and start up on the Sat Nav systems
Enabled some fancy lighting options

etc etc....

Point is can we do this on our RRE's?

Some things I'd like to do to the wife's Evoque is see if I can change the digital speed from KM to MPH as I've shipped my Aussie car back home to the UK and changed the old (KM) fascia over to MPH, but its very annoying having the KMs displaying as you can imagine. I know EU RREs have this option in the menu setting but AU RRE's do not...

Also adding UK Maps as my Aussie maps are useless in UK and the LR want around £150

Also Video in motion (not urgent)

Hoping someone may have the same curiosity as moi !


1 - 2 of 2 Posts