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I've been looking for a ski rack (cheap) for my new Evoque. If you know the Evoque, you know we're talking hundreds of dollars. My Evoque is bare on top so, I would be looking at rails, cross rails and a ski rack for the roof top solution. There are some vertical racks available on the internet for around $200, but they all seem to need the vertical bar. I'm not sure whether one of these "boxes" would work with my 15 year old bike rack.

I had the "stock" 1 1/4" receiver installed on my vehicle. I had an old 1 1/4" bike rack. I was thinking of building it up vertically until today when I tried laying my skis horizontally. With the built-in rubber bike straps, they seem to hold my skis very securely. However, I'm going to add a locking strap in case the rubber straps let go.

The bike rack appears to be leaning to the right in the picture. Part of that is caused by the bar not being fully in the receiver and it may be slightly bent also. No big deal either way for me.

Because I'm standing close to the vehicle, the skis appear to be sticking WAY out. However the tips are no further out that my side view mirrors. Optical confusion.

I'll post a further report after my first run in this configuration. However, I'm expecting no problems. My skis are about 6' in length. I'm guessing if I were a snow boarder, this would method would work also. The whole purpose here is to have the rear seats being available. I think I would be only able to handle 2 pairs of alpine skis in this manner, but that's all I would ever be toting so that's no problem.
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