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Hey guys, just wanted to share with you my newest project maybe this can be an inspiration for you. I am really picky about good phone holders and their mounting system. My previous one was ugly big and it t was too far away from my hand. I am pretty sure that you are aware that in Evoque is super hard to find good spot for phone holder since the dashboard is from non-plastic material and it is curved, so is almost impossible to put somewhere good looking, decent and functional phone holder, so I have decided to create my own. I had many types including a holder which you can insert into the fan grill (but it always fall down).

Finally I can say that this one satisfied me so much and it is in perfect orientation, distance and it holds phone pretty decent with strong magnets.

Holder itself was pretty a challenge since I had to figure out how to design in, insert it and it has to be non-destructive for dashboard and also still keeps the A/C grill function so here it is. Material and glue is heat-resistant. In case you would like to decide to create your own this is something what really works :)

PS: Evoque 2012 <3



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