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Hi everyone, joined the forum a couple of weeks ago, and forget to provide an introduction.

Just purchased a 2017 SE Premium from my local dealer, with just under 12k miles on it. Antrie Green, and Beige Leather seating.

I traded in a 2015 Grand Cherokee with 95K on it, so I am still getting used to the overall size, but so far all good.

On the plus side...
- Still has 2 years of warranty on it. Previous owner only drove to the train station and back.
- It gets a lot of looks and feedback on the color and style
- Rides nice, though stiffer than the Cherokee of course.
- Roomier than I expected in the front. Basically fees like a full size car from the front seats forward.
- I don't feel like I am driving the same car as everyone else on the road. Honda, Toyota, Hundai, BMW, Audi, Explorer, etc...
- Headlight Washers! Are you kidding me! Didn't even realize it till I saw a YouTube video.
- Very Peppy!
- Panoramic roof is cool
- Lot's of other positive things to say, but too much to list.

Just a couple of things in the negative side...
- Had a the basic Radio (Not Meridian). No XM, No HD, No CD player (Does anyone use CDs anymore?) etc...Though its is my fault for not researching how the same trim can differ between cars, and not test similar cars available. I was basically sold on the low miles, price, condition, and color of the car. It 'Had me at hello'. Anyway, ended up spending some $$ upgrading the sound system with JL equipment. All is good now.
- Eco Start/Stop doesn't seem to work, not that I care. Probably wouldn't use it anyway. Though I would like to make sure things that are supposed to work, work.
- Couldn't easily fit a 6ft shelf I bought at Lowes in the back. Again, that one is on me.
- Tailgate foot sensor intermittent. Looks pretty silly waving my foot at the car.
- My wife always wants to take her car when we go out. Just got her a used Red Discovery Sport HSE, all blacked out.
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