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Is it just one door that isn't working? The common failure is when one door stops working. The keyfob will not lock or unlock it, but you can still manually do it with the locking lever inside the car.

The door lock/latch failure is a very common failure on these. If you follow this video


He goes through how to remove it. It isn't bad at all. But this video is only for ones without passive entry (aka keyless entry). Passive entry is where you touch the exterior door handle and the door unlocks. If you do not have passive entry, you can find the new door lock/latch modules for $30-$50 on ebay and you can follow that video to remove it.

If you have passive entry, then the module is a bit larger and you can't use the method used in the above video. The part that won't work is the method he uses to remove that last cable. There isn't room to twist the module to unhook the cable on those since the module is larger. I made a video that shows the extra step needed for the passive entry modules. It involves removing the exterior door handle. This is actually very easy and honestly I would recommend removing the external door handle even if you do not have passive entry as it allows for removing of the cables after the module is removed from the vehicle.

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