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I haven't had a check engine light come on so I have never gotten around to hooking up my OBDII reader to my Evoque. Like an idiot I never got around to it until AFTER the warranty went out. Unfortunately there were several codes (fortunately most of them were "historic" codes...the rest were labeled "intermittent"

Powertrain Control Module
P0133 Universal heated exhaust gas oxygen sensor - circuit slow response (bank 1, sensor 1) (Historic)
P00C6 Fuel rail pressure too low - Engine cranking (Historic)

ABS (Anti-lock breaking system)
U0001 High speed CAN communication bus (Intermittent)

BCM (Body control module)
B10AD Rain Sensor (Historic)

HVAC (Heating ventilation and air conditioning control module)
B1081 Left temperature damper motor (Intermittent)

HCMB (Headlamp control module)
B1286 interior mirror (Historic)

DSM (Driver's seat module)
U0011 Medium speed CAN communication bus performance (Historic)

AFCM (Audio front control module)
B1A56 DSM: Driver's seat slide control relay failure: Other: Antenna Circuit (Intermittent)
B1A56 DSM: Driver's seat slide control relay failure: Other: Antenna Circuit (Intermittent)

I do not know how long it keeps "Historic" codes in the memory, but it also had one about the front left camera and I replaced it almost a year ago so it may keep them indefinitely. So hopefully most of those Historic codes are from failures that happened before I owned the vehicle.

The last one (B1A56) seemed like a duplicate, but when I pushed down for more info I got:
B1A56-11 General electrical failure - circuit short to ground
B1A56-13 General electrical failure - circuit open

I cleared them and they all have remained gone for one drive cycle. But the B1A56 codes keep coming back. If you read that code, it goes away even without clearing it. But then if you scan again it will show up again. I have found almost no references to that code but I did find an old post on a Discovery forum where someone had a B1A56 and it was some issue with the wiring going to the antenna that is in the front window. They had terrible reception. However my reception is just fine so I wouldn't expect I have any issues with the antenna.

Has anyone seen any of these codes before?
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