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Hello Fellas. Been a member for a while now, and still enjoying my 2014 Pure Plus Ipanema. Anyway, I figured I'd throw this here to help with image posting.

I would like to present an alternative way to post and link images to the forum, via PixelsBin ([url]https://www.pixelsbin.com[/URL]). It is easy and straightforward, can be used from both mobile device or desktop compute. You can easily drag and drop the files you want to upload, or select them from your phone, and once uploaded you can copy the generated BBCodes and paste it easily in your post/thread. As guest, the images staty for 30 days, but as a member (it's FREE) you can keep the images for as long as you want. You can also create Private albums, or share images only by links.

For a step by step:

1. Go to www.pixelsbin.com from your desktop or mobile phone.

2. You can login, signup, or outright upload images by clicking the UPLOAD button.

3. Select one or multiple images from your PC or phone, and click Open/Ok.

4. A window will show the images selected. You can choose which Album you want to to save it to. You can also do that from your account afterwards, to organize your images.

5. Once the upload is complete, you are presented with the EMBED codes. Select the BBCodes, BBCode Full, or BBCode Linked. I would recommend BBCode medium linked so a scaled image is used, but linked back to view the full image.

6. You can then copy the code and paste it to your thread or post. And that's it. Easy and straightforward.If you have already uploaded the images and forgot to get the embed codes, then read on....

7. Login to your account at PixelsBin, then go to your albums.

8. Put a check on the images you want to get the embed codes for.

9. After you select your images from your album, you can click the link/dropdown on the top right of the page, just below the Share button" where it says "Selection(x) Action".

10. The dropdown gives you the option to "Get embed codes".

11. From there, just select the BBCodes Full, Medium, or Linked.

12. For a single image, the embed codes are shown like this.

And that's it. Hoping to see you guys try us out. I can assure, the service will remain FREE to forum members. Any questions or suggestions just let me know. You'll see me lurking here.

:)Cheers. Francis
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