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As a former owner of a 2016 DISCO Sport HSE, I was use to the side rear view mirror maintaining a specific downward angle (per my adjustment) when the transmission shifter knob was positioned in R (reverse). With the new EVOQUE -- I can see the mirror dip downward, but the angle is very minimal or not enough to view the curve of the sidewalk during R (reverse) parking. I tried to adjust (and even press the Memory # Setting) hoping it would hold and maintain position the next time I placed the EVOQUE in R (reverse). No luck :( Any suggestions ?

Ps - I am still trying to get use to NOT having the remote Key Fob close the trunk 😉 ! One of many nuisances I have noticed between the EVOQUE and DISCO...

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Gma, Welcome to the forum!

Our MY13 Evoque Coupe has the reverse dipping memory capability. However, I believe from MY16 on, the mirrors only go to a factory fixed position, and cannot be adjusted to where you want/need them, and the position saved. Don't know why JLR would do away with the memory setting, but they have:(.

EDIT: From the MY16 owner's manual:

Selecting Reverse (R) gear will cause both
of the door mirrors to automatically adjust,
providing an improved viewing angle for
The dipped position of the mirrors is a
preset position. In R, the mirrors can be
adjusted, but the new position cannot be
When the gear selector is moved out of
R, the mirrors will return to their previous
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