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I'v been peering in on this form for a while now -before I made my purchase and after; decided I should join and make a post myself. Seems all these forums are generally negative this, negative that; all frivolous items (save the My Engine Problem will become a Technical Service Bulletin ). No posts on what the buggy has been designed to do: take you off the beaten path. So I can inform you all that is very capable of taking you in areas that you would think it couldn't. For those of you from the lower mainland of British Columbia, the following pictures are from Showh Lake access road, Francis Lake and the Squamish valley (Hut lake access road). The Evoque keeps up with the jacked up jeeps and goes beyond the Ram pick-up trucks.

Only negative I have is that the stock tires are crap for off pavement. I've recently threw away the 19" rims and CrossContact UHP (yup, threw away -no buyers and no use to me) and put on 17" rims with Nokian Rotivas. The UHP had me down with 5 flats in 8 months! all off pavement of course. The below 2 pictures are of the logging road as seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONIyazwmi2M (its the Showh access road) as it was run by a jeep - yup, it is the same road! :) Not as dramatic in the video as it is in the real world however.

videos of the buggy in action!

There fairly steep road up to a power line tower out side of Squamish BC...I've downloaded the dahcam footage of the climb up from mid point and a downward look at the road from tower peak....take a look if you wish:



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