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I'm fair skinned and I've noticed when I take a few hour road trip on a sunny day I end up with a pinkish/reddish face like I'm working on a sunburn. This happens with the glass roof shade closed. Having had a few skin issues cut on in the past I tend to avoid the sun and this is bugging me. I almost feel like I need to wear a hat to protect my thinning hair covered cranium too.

I know the roof glass has a pretty good tint already, but I'm wondering if adding some light window tint film with a high UV rating might be a way to overcome this problem. I don't think it is coming from the windshield or the side windows, but then again maybe the windshield heater element is causing uv reflections towards my face? Maybe I should try the hat idea and see if I still get a reddish face burn?

After a 3-4 hour drive I look like this :mad: instead of this :cool:!

Anyone else notice this? I wonder if I can find an inexpensive UV meter that I can use to test my theory and measure the roof glass?
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