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Yesterday I took my Evoque in for warranty service. These were the things I wanted them to look at

1) Sunglass holder not staying closed
2) Auto stop/start not working
3) Leak under transfer box/front differential
4) Seeing "2 wheel drive only traction reduced" light from time to time when I start car.
5) Seeing "start car within 3 minutes" sometimes when I turn on ignition but don't start car
6) coolant level slowly dropping
7) right rear camera flashes on/off on display, front left camera doesn't work

So today they call me and tell me

1) fixed
2) put in a new battery (I assume the small battery) to get the stop/start working again
3) They said the leak was normal and it won't drip down because it is thick fluid. I asked what the fluid was and he really didn't have an answer. You can see the attached pictures. There is liquid on the metal lines and also a seeping leak
4) He claimed the "2 wheel drive only traction reduced" is due to the rear tires being worn out and that can cause that warning to come on. I guess this isn't impossible, but those tires were on the front when that warning light came on
5) no comment
6) they said they saw no coolant leak
7) fixed the right rear camera, but said the left front camera is a cracked lens from a rock or something like that so they won't fix it under warranty.

Then they told me my front brakes were at 3mm and that was the wear limit on them (I have the LR service manual and it says 2mm). I had already seen that when rotating my tires a couple of weeks back and already have some EBC Green brakes ready to go on there. But they quoted me $652 to replace the front brake pads. According to Landrovermerriamparts.com, the OEM pads have a list price of $180 and their price is $134. So they are charging $472 to put new brake pads on just the front!

Then they told me the rear camera was fixed but the front one wasn't fixed because the lens is cracked. They said they would replace that for $752 (I think the part is about $480).

I get that their parts are expensive, but these labor rates seem ridiculous. Do they have attorneys working on these cars?

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