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Evoques Spotted!

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If you have happen to spot an Evoque on the road, post it here! Maybe that driver will end up being a member of Evoque Forums!

Be sure to post the location and a photo if possible :)
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I've seen 3 now- Two white ones in my area (could have been the same car twice), and unexpectedly, a white 5 door in a small town on Tortola, British Virgin Islands a couple weeks ago! It was a left-hand driver seat, although the roads are left-hand there. Sorry, no pics.

I saw another Grey 5 door in Colorado on Sat. on I-25 in the carpool lane. That is the Second one I have seen since we got ours in AUG last year.
Anyone else notice a couple Evoques in Skyfall? I know for sure there was one in the garage in the underground MI6 HQ.

I have seen three Evoques (other than on a dealer lot) in the last year:

Dark green in lower Manhattan outside Ground Zero - July 2012
Red Dynamic in North Orange County, CA in the Nordstrom's parking lot - October 2012
Fiji White 2 door coupe in Holland, MI parked on 8th Street - November 2012
I pass a white prestige 5-door (white roof) about once a month in Fairfax, VA at a Starbucks in the morning. He is always driving his white Prestige out while I am driving my white Dynamic in.

I also have seen an exact doppelganger of my car :-( in the Kingstowne section of Alexandria VA. White Dynamic 5-door, black grill, black & glass roof.
I have seen one white one in Everett, WA in 11/2012. Saw one gray one in Chester, PA (15 minutes from Philly) in a parking garage in 12/2012.
I know of 3 in Huntsville, Alabama area in the last 2 months - White, Black, Silver. Im so glad I did not get a Ford or Cadillac model Ive been thinking about. I see them 5 times a day just going to work!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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