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Set of 4 heavy carpeted floor mats for sale. Not like the cheap ones we get with the Evoque in the US, but really nice heavy carpeted mats with silver metal;lic corners and the Evique name on a metal plaque on each of the front mats as well. The rear mats also have two metal corners. The front mats fit the original floor fitments perfectly. The rear mats do not fit the floor fitments; to use them you can either cut the rear fitments off and use them without (the fitments re made to keep the mats from sliding forward but they don't slide in the reat. Or you can drill two amall holes in the existing fitments and use small screws to slip them ovr for anchors. 4 extra anchors included. No matter how you use them, they make your floors look great. Sell for up to $300.00 on eBay when and if available, they are yours for $140 plus $20 FedEx Ground shipping or best offer. PM Me.
Picture 1 shows the difference between the standard and Deluxe mats. Picture 2 shows the density and quality of the mats. Deluxe mats are PN VPLVS0095PVJ

Posted these on eBay on 9/4.

mats 1.jpg mats 2.jpg


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