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Forum member @htownblue to the rescue

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After talking with @HtownBlue about fixing my evoque I decided to have him put a new engine in the vehicle. He’s on his way to pick it up what can I say a great gesture on his part to do this. He has all the resources and tool to do this job as to where I didn’t have a lift at all. Vehicle is loaded up with all new parts and fluids engine is ready also. Hopefully he can chime in during this process of getting it back on the road.

Vehicle is loaded up on its way to his location in Indiana. Told Wayne I tagged him, said that he’s going to try and do updates throughout the process.
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I’m sure @HtownBlue will chime in once he get started working on it.
So engine is in! Now the current issue is the engine stalls out It runs under load but stalls at idle and dies. Any help with this?
She is back up and on the road running like a champ!!! Want to give @HtownBlue and @Rsquared a big shoutout for all the help. Was a stubborn fix but finally got it going. Again thank you guys. Now to find a couple pieces to get it looking minty.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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